Mari Selvan (Author of Wikimass)

Thanks for stopping by. Let's start it with my favorite quotes of all time.

Everything's impossible until someone does it

~ Whoever

Mari Selvan

Born in Nagercoil, kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu - India.

Me and my team working full-time in with a commitment to provide high quality and updated content to my user.

I spend 50% of my savings on online education platform like teamtreehouse, udemy, and few many to keep myself updated.

Believe me, one-day will be the programmer's first choice.

mari selvan

My College Life

Few of the many interesting things I have done in college.

  • Programmed Tic-tac-toe game using C programming.
  • Written a love letter using C programmer (for one of my friend).
  • As a project work, I programmed wireless toy car with camera in front to capture video of a moving car using Android smartphone, bluetooth technology and Arduino board.


I'm good at Badminton and High Jump (185 cm is my best still date)

Why I Started Wikimass

I'm good at programming, well that's not the only reason. I love teaching in the simplest possible way.

How I spend my leisure time

  • Creating funny calculators like the one Armstrong Numbers Online Calculator.
  • Surfing the internet to find is there any updates in the tutorials Wikimass provides.
  • Helping my family with some Household Chores.
  • Playing Chess.

Who Inspired Me

  • Elon musk (A boon for human beings).
  • Nikola Tesla (The Godfather for Electrical Engineers)
  • Sundar Pichai - (He is a Tech King)

What I Like

  • I like to have a cup of tea any time a day.
  • I always want to hear music.
  • I like when some stranger smiles at me.
  • I like to learn anything online not just limited computer programming.
  • I like teaching kids.
  • I love IoT.

What I Hate

  • I hate phone calls.
  • I hate social media (It's just there to suck your golden times).