PHP convert_cyr_string() Function

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PHP convert_cyr_string()

The convert_cyr_string() function converts from one Cyrillic character set to another.


PHP Compiler
<?php $str = "Wikimass æøå??"; echo $str . "<br>"; echo convert_cyr_string($str, 'w', 'k'); ?>


convert_cyr_string(str, from, to)

Parameter Values

str Required Specifies the string to be converted.
from Required Specifies the source Cyrillic character set, as a single character.
to Required Specifies the target Cyrillic character set, as a single character.

Return Value

String Returns the converted string.

List of Supported Cyrillic Character-sets

The following table provides list of supported Cyrillic character-sets:

SymbolCharacter Set
k koi8-r
w windows-1251
i iso8859-5
a x-cp866
d x-cp866
m x-mac-cyrillic

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