Sass Introspection Functions

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Sass Introspection Functions

The following are the list of inbuilt introspection functions available in Sass language.

call() Invokes $function with $args and returns the result.
content-exists() Returns whether the current mixin was passed a @content block.
feature-exists() Returns whether the current Sass implementation supports $feature.
function-exists() Returns whether a function named $name is defined, either as a built-in function or a user-defined function.
get-function() Returns the function named $name. This can access both built-in and user-defined functions.
global-variable-exists() Returns whether a global variable named $name (without the $) exists.
inspect() Returns a string representation of $value.
mixin-exists() Returns whether a mixin named $name exists.
type-of() Returns the type of $value.
variable-exists() Returns whether a variable named $name (without the $) exists in the current scope.

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