Sass Selector Functions

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Sass Selector Functions

The following are the list of inbuilt selector functions available in Sass language.

is-superselector() Returns whether the selector $super matches all the elements that the selector $sub matches.
selector-append() Combines $selectors without descendant combinators—that is, without whitespace between them.
selector-extend() Replaces all instances of $extendee in $selector with $extendee, $extender.
selector-nest() Combines $selectors as though they were nested within one another in the stylesheet.
selector-parse() Returns $selector in the selector value format.
selector-replace() Returns a copy of $selector with all instances of $original replaced by $replacement.
selector-unify() Returns a selector that matches only elements matched by both $selector1 and $selector2.
simple-selectors() Returns a list of simple selectors in $selector.

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