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HTML5 Deprecated Tags

Last Updated:

HTML5 Deprecated Tags

HTML5 deprecated tags should not be used in your webpages in any case.

The following table provides a list of all HTML5 deprecated Tags.

<acronym> Specifies an acronym or abbreviation for a word.
<applet> It embeds a java applet into a html page. applet is replaced by object tag.
<basefont> It setup a default font face, size, and color for the other elements which are descended from its parent element.
<bgsound> It setup a sound file to play in the background while the page is used.
<big> It setup a font size one level larger than surrounding text size.
<blink> It causes the enclosed text to flash slowly.
<center> It horizontally center(inline) the enclosed text.
<dir> It used as a container for a directory of files and/or folders, potentially with styles and icons applied by the user agent.
<font> It specifies the font size, color and font family for its content.
<frame> It defines a particular area in which another HTML document can be displayed. A frame should be used within a <frameset>
<frameset> It contains may contain one or multiple <frame> tag.
<image> It display image in a html document. <image> tag is replaced by img tag.
<isindex> It puts a text field in a page for querying the document.
<keygen> A value(key generated by RSA algorithm) submitted along with form submit. It is much similar to UUID(Universally Unique IDentifier).
<listing> It is used to render the text between the start and end tags without interpreting the HTML in between and using a monospaced font.
<marquee> It is used to scroll the text either vertically or horizontally. It is otherwise called as running text.
<menu> It represents a group of commands that a user can perform or activate.
<menuitem> It defines a command/menu item that the user can invoke from a popup menu.
<multicol> It is designed to allow multi-column layouts.
<nextid> It enable the NeXT web designing tool to generate automatic NAME labels for its anchors.
<nobr> It specifies that the line should not break at any screen size.
<noembed> It is a fallback when a browser do not support <embed> tag. It is much like <noscript> tag for <script> tag
<noframes> It is a fallback when a browser do not support <frame> tag. It is much like <noscript> tag for <script> tag
<plaintext> It will not execute the text as html, instead, it will display as a raw text.
<shadow> It is intended to be used as a shadow DOM insertion point.
<spacer> Allows insertion of empty spaces on pages.
<strike> It places a strikethrough (horizontal line) over text.
<tt> It creates inline text with monospace font face.
<xmp> It creates preformatted text as per HTML 2 standard. Use <pre> tag instead of <xmp> tag.

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