HTML Web Workers

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HTML Web Workers

The HTML Web Workers is a JavaScript executed from an HTML page that runs in the background, independently without affecting the performance of the page.

Purpose of Web Workers

The HTML Web Workers is useful in performing a computationally expensive task without interrupting the user interface.

Note: Web workers are often able to utilize multi-core CPUs more effectively.


The following is your web-worker.js file. In the below code postMessage() method is used to post a message back to the HTML page.

var i = 60; function timerClock() { i = i - 1; postMessage(i); if(i>0){ setTimeout("timerClock()", 1000); } } timerClock();
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<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <p>Timer: You Have <output id="point">59</output> sec</p> <button onclick="startWorker()">Start Worker</button> <button onclick="stopWorker()">Stop Worker</button> <script> var w; var x = document.getElementById("point"); function startWorker(){ if(typeof(Worker) !== "undefined"){ if(typeof(w) == "undefined"){ w = new Worker("/web-workers.js"); } w.onmessage = function(event){ x.innerHTML =; }; } else{ x.innerHTML = "Sorry, your browser does not support Web Workers"; } } function stopWorker(){ w.terminate(); w = undefined; } </script> </body> </html>

Browser Support

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